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Ideas for the future

At Bosch, new ideas are a thriving tradition. Every day around the world, thousands of Bosch associates develop new products and systematically improve and innovate those already developed.

Bosch – Your invention partner

Do you have patents or technological innovations that could be of interest to Bosch? We will be pleased to examine whether the use of your invention by Bosch might be feasible.

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Would you like Bosch to use or further develop your invention?

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Are you interested in acquiring the entitlements to any specific Bosch property rights or other licenses?

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Bosch patents worldwide

Since Bosch operates throughout the world, the company’s patents are also registered in many countries. The patent applications filed in various patent offices are testimony to the creativity of Bosch Group associates and Bosch’s role as a global driver of innovation. In terms of patent application numbers, Bosch occupies a leading position in important markets.

Not every idea leads to a patent application. All of the inventions that have not made it that far are on public display in Stuttgart-Feuerbach (Bregenzer Strasse).

Commercial protective rights

Patents are a vital instrument for protecting the results of years of expensive research against imitators.They permit Bosch not just to secure its own technology leadership, but also to let others participate in it as licensees. Bosch operates an elaborate system to ascertain that the company's protective rights are being observed and to detect any breaches of these rights.