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Junior Managers Program

More of a pioneer type than a latecomer? Your ideas for a networked future.

About the program

Start up with the Junior Managers Program

The Junior Managers Program prepares highly qualified young professionals in a practically oriented way to assume management responsibility. It is based on an individual program design, diverse further training opportunities, and an established mentoring system with experienced top managers.

You select one of nine functional areas in which to start your leadership career path.

During a period of 18 to 24 months, you complete four to six assignments in your functional area, including one placement abroad. You are actively involved in day-to-day business and projects, as well as benefiting from professional and individual guidance. We help you choose the right combination of assignments to match your interests and skills. In other words, you can let us know the departments, divisions, and locations where you would like to learn and exercise leadership expertise. You can count on your mentor for professional guidance along the way.

You will also expand your knowledge at seminars. And, of course, you have a say in what you would like to focus your learning on.

There is no set application or starting date for the program. Apply online for vacancies.

functional areas

Controlling, Logistics, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Computer Technology, Sales/Marketing, Personnel or Technical Sales.

Your tasks and who do we look for

What's in for you:

Individual benefits: You start on flexible dates and receive an open-ended employment contract.

Assuming responsibility: You are integrated into global projects in a targeted way.

Creating new things: You support us in developing innovative solutions.

Shaping the future with us: You advance important themes such as the supply chain, design to cost, lean production, the Internet of Things, electromobility, and Industry 4.0.

Operate globally: You gather international experience through a firmly planned stage abroad.

Successful networking: You develop a comprehensive network within the company.

What qualifies you:

Education: above-average Master or Diploma studies with a technical, natural sciences, or business focus, doctorate welcome

Personality: leadership potential, self-initiative, intercultural competence, and flexibility

Experience and know-how: international experience with at least one several-month stage abroad, quality internships in industry, and initial professional experience welcome

Working methods: independent, innovative, analytical, entrepreneurial, and networked thinking

Languages: very good English skills

What’s in store for you

For all current Junior Managers Program vacancies, please see our job market. You can apply directly online.

How to apply
Bosch Trainee Blog

Bosch Trainee Blog

Trainees in the Bosch Junior Managers Program have launched a blog providing insight into their daily working lives from different perspectives. Join in.

FAQ Junior Managers Program

Find all answers here about Junior Managers Program as well as the recruitment process behind.

Who is the junior managers program aimed at?

The Junior Managers Program is aimed at university graduates (Diploma or Master). Ideally, you have recently completed your studies, are still in your final paper or exam stage, or have already gathered initial professional experience. The Junior Managers Program prepares you systematically for management tasks in our corporation. You should therefore be especially willing to assume responsibility and leadership tasks, as well as having well-founded knowledge (excellent university performance and internships relevant to the field of operations).

What are the aims of the Junior Management Program?

Within the scope of the junior managers program, high-caliber potentials receive hands-on training to assume executive functions in our company.

How is the program structured?

Total duration: 18 to 24 months; four to six functions, divisions and cross-location stops. An assignment abroad is an integral component.

A personal budget for your further education, extensive opportunities for networking with other program participants, specialists and executives. Guidance and mentorship by a member or members of the top executive group. Tailor your program to your needs – choose your focal area of expertise according to your interests/abilities. Integrated work concept: project duties are combined with day-to-day business.

Which qualifications are especially in demand in the junior managers program?

The specific fields of study are oriented towards the specialist alignment of your Junior Management Program and can therefore vary greatly. Please see the details in the relevant vacancy.

What are the requirements for acceptance into the junior managers program?

You should fulfill the following basic requirements:

- Education: above-average Master or Diploma studies with a technical, natural sciences or business focus, doctorate welcome

- Personality: leadership potential, self-initiative, intercultural competence, flexibility

- Experience and know how: international experience with at last one several-month stage abroad, quality internships, initial professional experience welcome

- Working methods: independent, innovative, analytical, entrepreneurial and networked thinking

- Languages: very good English skills

Is the employment contract limited?

You will sign an unlimited employment contract.

How is the Junior Managers Program remunerated?

We honor the commitment of our employees very appreciative, so that our employees are paid above the market level.

Anticipating proper development of program participants, two salary increases occur within the Junior Managers Program.

What are the weekly working hours during the Junior Managers Program?

You have the option between three working time models to choose. You can start the Junior Managers Program with a 35-hour contract, a 38-hour contract or a 40-hour contract.

Moreover, you are given the opportunity to set up a long-term account, which means, that you can transfer a certain number of your weekly working hours into a long-term account. This allows you to take a longer time-out later in your career at Bosch - in the amount of your collected long-term account-hours.

How many leave days are granted yearly?

You will be granted 30 days of vacation per year.

What are my opportunities for further training in the program?

By station rotation in the Junior Managers Program a continuous "on-the-job" training is ensured. You have the opportunity to meet adjoining functional areas and business cross-cutting areas during the program. Furthermore, the station abroad will help you to expand your intercultural and language skills.

In addition to the daily challenges which will allow you to further develop on an ongoing basis, we provide individual training budgets.

In addition to specialist trainings, you can visit technical, linguistic and cultural trainings during the Junior Managers Program. Overall, you will be granted a training budget of more than 7,000 €, which you can spend individually.

Even after the program your further development and training at Bosch will be ensured. To this end, we offer follow-up programs, which in turn are linked to intensive further training.

What additional services are offered to me in the Junior Managers Program?

In addition to the high training budget, other benefits are offered to you within the Junior Managers Program. During your period abroad you are supported organizationally and monetarily throughout the whole process. For example, return trips or visits by visitors will be financially supported by Bosch. Also, your rotation will be supported by financial subsidies from Bosch.

Additionally you will able to benefit from the Bosch pension plan during the Junior Managers Program. This pension plan was awarded several times as the best corporate pension funds. You also have the option to deposit a portion of your gross salary to the fund.

What application deadlines do I need to adhere to?

There are no application deadlines for our Junior Managers Program. Participants in the Junior Managers Program are contracted all year round.

Does the junior managers program get underway on specific dates?

As it’s possible to start at any time, your entry into the junior managers program can be decided on an individual basis.

As a graduate from a university outside Germany, can I apply for the program in Germany?

Participants in our junior managers program come from around the world. We welcome applications from all countries.

How does the application process for the junior managers program work?

Please use our online application form, which you will find with every junior managers program advertisement. All your documents can be included as file attachments (covering letter, resume, references, etc.).

How does the selection process work?

If your profile fulfills the requirements, we will invite you to a multi-stage selection process. It starts with a non-live video interview, which is followed by a pre-selection day. During the pre-selection day, you will experience different discussion situations, case studies and presentations. We want to get to know you better and also give you the chance to take a closer look at Bosch as a corporation and its employees. On that day, you will therefore be able to talk to HR employees and managers from a wide range of corporate divisions, as well as JMP participants. If you successfully manage the day, we will invite you to a concluding interview with your future mentor. A final decision on your acceptance to the Bosch JMP will be made at that meeting.

Can I also send a speculative application to the junior managers program?

If you are unable to find a suitable vacancy, you are welcome to send a speculative application via our online application system.

What makes for a promising application?

Double-check that you have not forgotten any documents. These include a compelling covering letter, a comprehensive resume in tabular form, references (e.g. from your school, university, or internships). Graduates from EU universities must also include their Transcript of Records, ECTS credits and diploma supplement. Evidence of any work experience should also be included.

How can you convince us of your capabilities to become a JMP?

Authenticity! Stay yourself during the whole selection process. Do not try to slip into any role, but react intuitively in all phases and tasks.

Christoff Wachendorff is a participant in the Junior Manager Program at Bosch.