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Final thesis

Graduate with us to the next level

About the program

A successful degree with your final thesis

Do you have a final thesis in the pipeline? Whether it’s for your bachelor’s or master’s degree, Bosch has pioneering topics for your final thesis in a variety of disciplines. We’re at the vanguard of technical development, and innovation is our lifeblood. That makes us such a strong partner for your thesis. Plus, you’ll be able to forge invaluable contacts for when you enter the working world. While working on your thesis, you will be mentored both personally and professionally throughout the entire process. You’ll work with your subject at the crossroads between theory and practice, thus expanding your own network early in your career.

Your tasks and who do we look for

What's in for you:

  • Increase your professional capabilities through the responsibilities assigned to you.
  • Benefit from excellent specialist and personal guidance.
  • Sign a fixed-term contract valid until your graduation, and receive remuneration for your work.
  • Pave the way to a promising start to your career – many PreMaster participants become Bosch associates directly after graduating.
  • Broaden your knowledge in specialist seminars, for example, on quality management or conducting negotiations.
  • Enjoy membership in our student program, students@bosch, which serves as an exclusive network and opens doors to career advancement.

What qualifies you:

You completed your bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, the Natural Sciences or a business discipline with outstanding grades and aim to get your master’s. Besides excellence in your technical field, you also bring these personal attributes to the table:

  • Innovative strength and willingness to learn
  • Goal-orientation and ambition
  • A sense of responsibility and the ability to work independently
  • Initiative and a high level of commitment
  • Team spirit and social skills
  • A cosmopolitan outlook
  • Good English skills; other foreign languages are, of course, an advantage

How to apply

All PreMaster vacancies can be found in our job portal. Apply directly online here.

PreMaster Program

Find answers here

What application deadlines do I need to adhere to?

You should apply at least four months before you would like to begin working. As our specialist departments sometimes need to fill gaps in staffing at short notice, you may be able to start much sooner.

How do I apply to do my thesis abroad?

Our locations abroad also offer positions for students working on their final theses. Please contact the personnel department at the location of your choice directly.

As a student at a university outside Germany, can I apply to write my thesis there?

Yes, we’re happy to welcome thesis students from around the world. You should have a strong grasp of the German language and be registered at a university.

How does the application process to write a thesis work?

Send your application to the personnel department at your location of choice. To do this, please use our online application form, which you will find with every job advertisement. All your documents can be included as file attachments (covering letter, resume, references, etc.).

How does the selection process work?

After a preliminary selection based on the written applications, candidates will be invited to an interview with an HR partner and the supervisor of the relevant specialist department. As part of the interview process, the candidate frequently also has the opportunity to meet a few coworkers and form an impression of the working environment.

Which method of application does Bosch prefer?

Please use our online application form, which you will find with every advertisement for thesis students. All your documents can be included as file attachments (covering letter, resume, references, etc.).

Can I also send a speculative application to write my thesis?

We advertise all openings on our job market. This is why we ask that you respond directly to an actual advertisement. If you are unable to find a suitable position, you can assume that there are currently no openings in the area you are interested in. But that can change from one day to the next.

Will my application also be forwarded to other locations or divisions?

You are welcome to make your application accessible via our global applicant pool. That means our recruiters can view the applicant profile that you have created and contact you regarding suitable positions. The more detailed your profile, the better your chances of being contacted with an offer.

What makes for a promising application?

Double check that you have not forgotten any documents. These include a compelling covering letter, a comprehensive resume in tabular form, your latest references as well as your certificate of matriculation and the examination regulations for your field of study.

How can I prepare for my interview?

Take some time to consider what your abilities are, what you expect from the position, what your career goals are, and why you would be a good fit for the position and with Bosch. Also note questions that you would like to ask during the interview.

What can I expect from the application process?

When we invite you to an interview, you have already cleared the first hurdle. We liked your profile and would like to get to know you better. Be sincere and don’t try to be something you are not. This is also your chance to find out whether you would feel at home in the position and at Bosch. That’s our aim, too.

Students from which fields of study are in highest demand at Bosch?

We look for students from almost all fields of study but especially those doing engineering sciences (e.g. precision mechanics, electrical, automation/production and mechanical engineering), computer science, physics, and business studies.

What requirements must I meet to be accepted as a working student?

The requirements vary from position to position and are outlined in the job advertisement. As a rule, you should have an excellent academic record, basic knowledge of the relevant field, team spirit, a flexible and cosmopolitan outlook as well as a good knowledge of English.

Do I need to have completed an internship at Bosch before I start my thesis?

No, previous experience gained through an internship is not a requirement but would no doubt be beneficial.

How long does it take to complete a thesis? Is there a minimum amount of time?

The duration depends primarily on your university’s requirements.

What payment will I receive while working on my thesis?

Because we appreciate your commitment and dedication, you will receive a lump sum for the entire research process. Depending on the qualification you are working toward, this is €630 or €730.

Is there a chance that I will be employed after successfully completing my thesis?

Yes, definitely. Writing your thesis with us is an excellent way to forge contacts in the company and put your best foot forward for future employment.