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Why Bosch

Shape tomorrow’s world

The future offers many opportunities. Be among the first to take advantage of them.

Shape tomorrow’s world

You are passionate about the latest trends and always keep an eye on global megatrends and technical developments? While others are just about to integrate the Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence within their businesses, you are already thinking about what comes next?

With us you are at a stone’s throw from turning your future visions into reality: For more than 130 years, we have been working on the technology of the future.

As a result, our associates are consistently tackling challenges in exciting fields, and we offer them the opportunity to take an active role in helping us shape the future. Global developments – such as digitalization – bear growing industries that offer the potential for new technologies and solutions. Solutions, that we are about to create.

Our influence and inventiveness is founded on our economic independence, as well as on our global network, which encompasses a great variety of talents and ideas. You can take the chance to profit from experts and opinion leaders and – together with our associates all around the world – truly become a designer of your very own vision of the future.

Shape tomorrow's world
From year


on cars ought to drive automatically.
That’s why our engineers are working on the development of driver assistance systems worldwide.

Bosch annual report 2016: Dr. Volkmar Denner about agility - For a technology company like Bosch, agility is crucial. "It allows us to adjust to the increasing speed of change in our surroundings, to stay innovative and to remain in the position as an innovation leader", says chairman Dr. Volkmar Denner.