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Bosch in Germany

Why Bosch

Balance your life

Make your job match your lifestyle. We provide you with individual support.

Balance your life

Make your job match your lifestyle. We provide you with individual support.

Have you ever seen a cell phone that works without recharging? Neither have we. And we have never seen people being able to give their best when all they do is work.

With us, there is more to life than just work. We support you in finding a healthy balance between your job and your private life and show understanding for the things that concern you: Whether it’s time for your children or for your parents’ home care. Whether it’s a hobby, community involvement, time abroad, or further education – together, we will find the perfect way that fits your life cycles. And because we believe that ideas happen anywhere and that results count more than physical presence, we offer you flexible working models including working from home, jobsharing, part-time-jobs and much more.

At the same time, we provide the possibility to find good balance within our company. That’s why we offer various leisure activities and the chance to meet other associates for a great time-out.

Balance your life

Flexible work models
Create your own personal freedom of scope

Interested in further training? Or maybe you have other personal commitments or simply want to spend more time with your family. You’re always welcome to talk it over with us. We have lots of ways to make your working hours more flexible. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Together, we’ll tailor a schedule to suit both your needs and ours. Understanding our flexible work models:

Flexitime – Fitting it all in

With flexitime, the choice is yours: You could, for instance, start later and finish later, or clock in early to leave early. If you have to work overtime, you can reclaim those hours as needed. That way, personal appointments can easily be slotted into the working day.

Part-time, smart time

Part-time work at Bosch comes in many guises, from reductions in daily, weekly, and monthly hours to job sharing. With us, you can define your workload individually. Of course, as a part-time associate, you’re still eligible for the same opportunities and career advancement options as your full-time co-workers.

Home or office: working from two places

Part-time telework allows you to fulfill many of your responsibilities from home. You follow a regular schedule, dividing your time between home and office. That means you can stay in touch with business procedures, but also enjoy greater flexibility.

Flexible time management for executives

As an executive, you have plenty of free rein. You can apportion your contractually defined working hours as you see fit. Establishing your work-life balance is also in your hands. If a jog at lunchtime clears your head, then go for it. Perhaps being home for dinner with the family is high on your agenda. As long as you’re producing results, we’re happy.

Jobsharing - Ralf Eggstein about his insides

Work and family

Solutions to slot in with your private life

For parents.

There are many ways you can fit your working hours around your children’s needs. We’ll help you find suitable child supervision, in addition to organizing offerings in adventure education and holiday day care at our facilities. What’s more, you are also welcome to attend our seminars and recreational activities for the whole family. Through our family@bosch forum, you can network with other parents and ensure that your common interests are represented in the company.

For a position abroad.

Taking up a position abroad shouldn’t separate you from your family or interfere with your partner’s career. That’s why we try to find a suitable job for your other half in your new home – either at Bosch or one of our cooperation partners. In the past few years, we have facilitated about 40 dual-career couples’ moves abroad. Plus, your family will be supported in taking this step through reconnaissance trips, language courses, or a training allowance.

For caregivers.

Are you the caregiver for a family member? We have short and long-term solutions to help you cope, including part-time employment, telework, or caregiver leave of up to three years. We’ll also lend a hand in arranging appropriate guidance over this period, such as lectures and events led by experts to empower you with useful information.

Work & Life - Sule Dogan talks about fulltime job, children and partnership (in German)

Culture, sports and leisure

Working at Bosch doesn’t just purely mean working, but also having leisure time. We offer around 500 leisure groups at about 50 locations in Germany. With us, you can, for example, enjoy physical exercise, such as cycling, running, playing football, or skiing. Are you into music? How about joining our big band? Our symphony orchestra? Or the choir? People who like to be creative in their free time will love our art and theatre groups. And hobby photographers will definitely find appropriate motifs at our photo and video groups. Whether sports and fitness, music, art, or theatre – our comprehensive leisure program will offer you the opportunity to engage in the things you love and enjoy doing. The main focus is always on team fun. On our websites, you will find a small selection of our culture and leisure groups, the online presence and activities of which are not just addressed towards members, but also towards interested people and friends of the Bosch group.

Culture: music and theater

With the Bosch theater troupe, big band, orchestras and choirs, you can tread the boards, play music or sing. All of these groups are led by professional artists. It’s your chance to act as a cultural ambassador for our company and perform at locations around the world.

Sports: from aerobics to volleyball

Keep fit together with coworkers by playing soccer and tennis or engaging in such activities as endurance training. A highlight on our recreational calendar is the annual sports meet. You can demonstrate your prowess in more than ten disciplines and forge friendships with coworkers from around the country.

Leisure: motorbiking, photography and more

Whether your passion is karts, motorbikes, photography or something completely different, there’s sure to be others at Bosch who have been bitten by the same bug. Many of our locations have groups that allow you to pursue your hobby in the company of coworkers.

Preventive healthcare

We care about your health. Targeted preventive health measures and consultation are always available. In collaboration with health professionals, we have put together an excellent portfolio of offerings from autogenic training and back exercises to family counseling – most of them free of charge.

Preventive healthcare at Bosch

Since a healthy lifestyle is the best preventive medicine, we actively promote and provide advice on good nutrition. In addition, you can benefit from special workplace training, for instance, to help you master the proper sequence of movements or manage stress. You can also take the initiative with preventive measures to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

Our company medical officers

Our company medical officers are always ready and willing to help you, providing immediate medical attention and health-promoting measures. They also make sure occupational health standards are maintained, which helps prevent workplace-related illnesses. At the same time, our medical officers offer vaccinations – for example, for the flu – and can perform cancer screening. Plus, they are happy to advise people traveling abroad on vaccinations or packing their medical travel kits.

Our social services department

Our social services department can help you manage difficulties or master stressful issues, whether professional or personal. The activities of our company social workers include giving advice on managing change or conflict in the workplace, reintegration after absences due to illness, mental stress, or financial issues. They can also initiate helpful intervention.